Meet Dawson Horey, a versatile woodwind doubler and dedicated educator, originally hailing from Buffalo, NY, and now thriving in the Tri-state area. Proficient in a variety of instruments, including saxophones, clarinets, flutes (including world flutes), and oboes, Dawson is skilled in a variety of musical styles, ranging from Irish traditional, klezmer, jazz, rock, classical, musical theater, pop, funk, to 21st-century contemporary and more.

Dawson earned his Bachelor's degree in Music Performance from the University at Buffalo, studying under acclaimed saxophonist Bobby Militello and showcasing his talents in the UB Jazz Bands, Concert Band, Genkin Philharmonic, Banda Viernes, and more.

Currently, Dawson is pursuing a Masters in Woodwind Performance at New Jersey City University (NJCU), driven by the ambition to play in the Broadway pit. He plans to continue his studies in the NYC area, furthering his expertise in woodwind doubling.

In his performance career, Dawson has had remarkable opportunities, sharing the stage with luminaries like Bernadette Peters and performing with Philipp Gerschlauer. He was contracted by the NFL to perform at the Buffalo Bills vs Chicago Bears game at New Era Stadium and has contributed his talents to the Erie Philharmonic.

As a dedicated woodwind instructor, Dawson served as an instructor at the Lockport Music Center. Additionally, he maintains a private studio, offering virtual and in-person lessons to woodwind players. Drawing from the wisdom of his own mentors, Dawson provides students with an introspective approach to playing their instruments in any style or genre.

Dawson's past and present teachers include:

- Saxophone: Bobby Militello, Chad LB, Dave Schiavone, Dick Griffo

- Clarinet: Michael Tumiel

- Flute: Marlene Witnauer, Sophia Gibbs Kim

- Oboe: Megan Kyle, Julie Pacheco

- Woodwinds: Dave Noland, Todd Groves

-Broadway Mentorship under Neil Johnson

He has received several awards and honors, including the prestigious Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the W. Charles & Eunice B. Scholarship, the Bernard Simon Music Scholarship, the New Klezmer Scholarship Fund, BMEP Partnership, and being selected for the MUSE mentorship program and The Broadway Sitzprobe Experience.

As Dawson continues to evolve as a musician, his passion for sharing knowledge and love for woodwind instruments fuels his commitment to inspire aspiring players in their musical journeys.